We specialize in Dating, Gambling, Nutra, Gaming and Finance campaigns

Dream2Media Affiliate Network

What to know about us

Dream2Media is a high paying and top rated CPA network. We’re a team of experienced affiliate marketers and programmers who’re transforming the industry in Africa. We want to become Africa’s biggest affiliate network in the dating/adult niches.

To accomplish our goal, we form relationships with top brands so that our affiliates gain access to exclusive deals. We provide you with a collection of dating/adult offers that are in high demand.

Our affiliates drive sales and increase conversions across the continent.

How our system work

Client choose the offers

Drive traffic to your website, blog, or social media page while promoting the offers and letting customers select the one that best suits their needs. In the event that everything goes as planned and there is a sale (CPA/CPS) or a lead (CPL), You will see it appear to Your profile when the customer clicks on Your personalized link.

A wide range of high quality affiliate programs in the dating, finance, nutra and adult verticals. Statistics, analytics and reporting tools to monitor your campaigns. Payment processing (and we emphasize fast payments). A team of experienced affiliate marketers ready to answer your questions Advice about choosing the right program that is relevant for your web traffic Access to exclusive deals World class customer service

The advertiser pays the commission

Regardless of the model you select (CPA, CPS, or CPL), the advertiser agrees to pay a commission. This implies that the commission will be applied to your profile as soon as a purchase or an application is made using Your unique link. This enables You to keep track of how each campaign, landing page, or advertising approach performs, allowing You to respond and make any necessary modifications.

Connections with affiliates who’ll drive traffic, sales, and conversions. Thoroughly vetted affiliates Payment processing Tracking sales Increased conversions Fast responses to any complaints or queries Swift action in case of a problem White hate marketing techniques from our affiliates


Let’s be honest: the dating and adult verticals overflow with low quality offers. Most offers don’t convert. They’re a waste of time and money. Dream2Media is all about quality. We seek out the best affiliate programs that bring real value to the table. Our offers convert because they’re in high demand. Our partners are leaders and innovators who understand the market. Our focus is quality.


We always pay on time. For added convenience, we offer various payment methods to ensure that you easily receive revenue for work done. As soon as you reach the minimum payment threshold and earn at least $70 with Dream2Media, you are able to receive your money with one of the online payment systems listed below: PayPal, and Webmoney.


Our affiliates benefit from our connections. Our network gives you access to the best deals in Africa. Nowhere else will you find such high profit margins. Nowhere else will you find such exclusive deals.

Payout methods

The more payout options, the better! below are the list!

Our partners

There are a number of successful years in the Affiliate networking has brought good connections. Here is some of our partners: